Ford Focus Sedan vs. Hatchback in Castle Rock

2015 Ford Focus SE Sedan
2015 Ford Focus SE Hatchback
Fuel Economy
(hwy MPG)
36 36
Fuel Economy
(city MPG)
26 26
Doors 4 5
Cargo Space
13.2 23.8, 44.8 with seat area
Dimensions 179" L x 72" W x 58" H 172" L x 72" W x 58" H
Rear Spoiler Optional Standard
MSRP** $18,460 $18,960

Today, Ford makes two distinct versions of its popular Focus model: the Sedan and the Hatchback. Both are great options, but which one is better for you?

Offering both a hatchback and sedan version of a best-selling car is good for the consumer because it offers more choices. But where do the differences lie, and how do you choose?

On paper, the Focus Sedan and Hatchback have nearly the exact performance numbers: the base models both come equipped with a capable 2.0L direct-injection engine giving you 160 horsepower and an efficient 26 city and 36 highway MPG. Both cars are remarkably similar in terms of how they drive, with some people saying the hatchback's suspension is a little more rigid for better handling on turns, but at the end of the day, when you're making a decision on whether to get a hatchback or sedan, it really comes down to two things. 

The first is personal preference, or the 'coolness factor.' Some think the sedan is cooler, while others prefer the hatchback. The second reason is the big one, and it's where the hatchback really differs from the sedan: interior cargo space. While the Focus Sedan offers a perfectly adequate 13.2 cubic feet of cargo space, the Hatchback gets you 23.2 cubic feet with the seats up and 44.8 cubic feet of space with the seats folded down. This is a significant difference, and it's probably the biggest factor when it comes to making an informed decision on the Ford Focus.

Of course, with the added space comes an increased cost. The Focus Sedan starts out at $18,460, while the Focus Hatchback starts out at $18,960. So, if you think you'll need the storage space, the hatchback is the only way to go. If you don't, then it's really just a matter of personal preference and style

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